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Our enterprise barcode scanning software is the very same powering these great barcode scanning apps. Turn any mobile device with a built-in camera, on any platform into a true enterprise barcode reader. 

CortexScan Barcode Scanning App-Test drive our techInterested in seeing first hand how amazing our barcode scanning software is? CortexScan is an app designed to show-off the power and ability of this enterprise-grade barcode scanning software. Turn your mobile device with an embedded camera into a true enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

Curved, damaged, reflective, large or small barcodes of any symbology–get ready for zero-miss efficiency and increased productivity! This SDK is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Xamarin platforms. What are you waiting for? If you are looking for the industry leader in barcode decoding technology, you have found it! […read more]

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CortexWedge Android barcode scanning application bridgeCortexWedge integrates enterprise grade camera-based barcode decoding into an Android keyboard. Barcode data scanned from the integrated phone camera can be entered directly into any app. With CortexWedge selected as the active Android keyboard, the scanned barcode data appears to come from the keyboard. […read more]

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