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With over 17 years of marketing experience, Leslie has a Master's Degree in Marketing with an emphasis on digital channels and new media. Leslie has a background in graphic and web design before she dove head first into global brand management and digital marketing. At Code Corp, Leslie has the opportunity to use every skill she has mastered to propel 2D Revolution into the hands of enterprise companies around the globe.


ENTERPRISE BARCODE SCANNING SOFTWARE Give Us a Device with a Camera, We’ll Give You Barcode Scanning Excellence ACTON, MA—April 3, 2017—  Code® introduces its newest division, 2D Revolution, to package Code’s years of barcode reading expertise into a flexible software platform that is portable to more applications than ever before.  2D Revolution [...]

Compugroup Case Study: Barcode Reading Software

CompuGroup Medical: Improving the Patient Experience & Communication in German Healthcare While the latest medical devices are being used in German healthcare systems, technology advancements have not been leveraged to improve the flow of information between patients and clinicians…until now. The German healthcare landscape uses advanced technology mainly in the form of [...]

Spectralink Case Study: Barcode Scanning Software

Spectralink: Wireless Communication for the Modern Enterprise Spectralink is an OEM specializing in wireless communications devices built for the modern enterprise. Spectralink devices deliver superior voice quality and consistency using their proprietary VOIP technology–now including CortexDecoder barcode scanning software. Spectralink is a key player in the healthcare communications sector. Hospitals and [...]